Municipality selects AAA-LUX and saves 5,4 ton CO2

The choice for AAA-LUX LED technology to illuminate a football field will save Reilingen 5,4 ton CO2 emission per anum, mayor Stefan Weisbrod says.

Reilingen is a small municipality in the German Baden-Württemberg province, a province best known for its rolling hills and beautiful landscape. The province is a popular tourist destination during the summer period.

In November 2016, Reilingen decided to replace the conventional luminaires at the local football club with AAA-LUX LED technology. “The replacement made it possible for us to reduce our energy consumption with over 70%,“ the mayor continues. Weisbrod is chuffed with the reduction in CO2 emissions the municipality has achieved, particularly in light of the recent decision by US President Donald Trump to abandon the UN agreement on climate change, signed in Paris in 2015. That decision now puts more pressure on the signatories to achieve the CO2 goals they had envisioned.

The over 70% reduction in energy usage enabled to municipality to apply for a grant at the German department for Environmental Affairs. “Thanks to our achievement we received EUR 6.800 contribution towards the purchase of the AAA-LUX LED technology.“

With the main squad of football club SC 08 Reilingen e.V. having been crowned champion of their league this season, the municipality anticipates it will achieve even higher CO2 savings next season.