In full control of LED lighting

AAA-LUX introduces a new control system for LED lighting. “Control Box 2.0” is easy to operate and install and has practical diagnostic possibilities.

Ease of use

With the new Control Box there are various possibilities for operations such as via a mobile phone app (AAApp), touchscreen and/or a switchbox. The light can be turned on and off and the light scene can be selected. In addition, it is possible to make software links with management systems or other software packages. The Control Box is also capable of putting current to the luminaire groups. Sensors can also be connected to the device, such as an astronomical clock, should there be a licensing restriction, or a daylight sensor for limiting the time when the light can be used. This ensures that the system only works when necessary or allowed.

Easy installation

The system has standardized software that makes it easy to install. The operation to install and commission the system are limited and the maintenance becomes straightforward thanks to the diagnostic system that indicates the health of the system.

The service page shows relevant technical data of a luminaire in terms of, for example, incoming voltage or temperature. This allows a club and an installer to quickly scan the system if service is advised. AAA-LUX is able to read the system remotely.


The end user can monitor power consumption and see how much energy a field or park has consumed on a certain day, week or month. This helps the club to adjust the use where necessary. For example by protecting the highest light levels by a code or a key.