LED Lighting FC Helsingør Stadium, Denmark

First Scandinavian stadium with a green footprint

What if you have only 4 weeks to install LED stadium lighting?

Last summer FC Helsingor earned promotion to the highest Danish football league, the Alka Superliga. With the new stadium not being finished yet it became clear that the old stadium needed some serious upgrades to be able to comply to the regulations and specifications of the Danish Football Association. One of the biggest challenges they face; a complete new lighting system.

Normally the whole proces, from concept to an up and running lighting system, can take up to 12 months. So what do you do if you only have like 10% of that time.

AAA-LUX is specialized in stadium LED lighting. Thanks to the narrow beam WS-STAD luminaires, 360 degree vertical uniformity can be achieved from any location. So the 4 masts solution for Helsingor was no problem for the powerfull LED WS-series that AAA-LUX has already been using in around 1.000 – mostly sports – projects worldwide.

A case like this is right up the alley of the new production facility in Eindhoven, which allows AAA-LUX to have a large and efficient production output. It was perfect timing for Helsingor when a full container of LED luminaires was delivered at the old stadium, about 2 weeks before FC Helsingors first official Superliga match.

Partners Betterlight, Green Industry and Dutch installation company Vrolijk & Overgaauw B.V. did an amazing job, placing 4 new masts with new foundations, installing 88 luminaires and finishing the project 2 days before the first match. The result was the first Scandinavian stadium with a green footprint, a 1.000 lux lighting installation with high uniformity and color rendering for HD TV broadcasting.

„After the first couple of matches, the light has received a warm welcome” Thomas Bertram of Better Light explains. “Especially the TV stations have talked in real positive terms about the consinstency in the light, flicker free and overall light quality. So in 4 weeks we built a setup that delivers on all points, from TV company requirements to The Danish Football Association’s (DBU) requirements, and FC Helsingør now has a stadium that also is the perfect training field for the Danish National Team.“

Initially wireless controls are used to select the lighting scenes for televised or non-televised games or for full or half field training at a lower lighting levels. When moving the lighting system to the new stadium in 2018, the luminaires could be equiped with cabled controls for show lighting.