Check your Luminaries!

As the northern hemisphere is heading for winter it will only be a matter of weeks before floodlights are needed during the evening. If you haven’t used your floodlights for an extensive period of time, use the first opportunity to test them extensively before you will be in for a dark surprise.

Metal halide luminaires are very sensitive and prone to problems when the luminaires haven’t been used over a longer period of time. Hot temperatures during the summer can negatively affect the gasses these luminaires use to create illumination. Metal halide luminaires are also known for the depreciation in illumination they experience over lifetime.

When luminaires are not tested and, if needs be, corrected in time clubs end up with floodlights that no longer produce sufficient illumination or with floodlights with several luminaires that no longer work. As a consequence, the field is no longer illuminated according to spec and, to make matters worse, can have dark patches that are not illuminated at all.

Don’t be fooled

Even clubs that invested in new conventional floodlights recently, are advised to test their system.
Conventional luminaires that are used approximately 4.300 burning hours per year, will only produce approximately 57% of the initial luminous flux after two years. At the same time 30% of the metal halide sources will have failed completely.

LED’s don’t experience these problems. The LEDs AAA-LUX uses for its luminaires are carefully selected. Test data at nominal maximum settings show less than 3% degradation within 10,000 hours for those LEDs.

AAA-LUX luminaires are designed deliberately to produce 10% more than specified. This 10% overshoot will correct for all sort of deviations and light levels the luminaires produce over a lifetime. This means that a AAA-LUX LED luminaire will still produce 100% according to spec by the time it reaches its economic end of life.

Are you not sure whether your system is still working according to plan? Contact AAA-LUX. We will happily explain you what it is that you have to look out for.