Case study SPAL Ferrara

Although last year having to make one step one to Serie B, how SPAL managed to climb from Serie D to Serie A, was an amazing journey. And AAA-LUX was part of that.

When in 2014 SPAL was promoted to Serie C, the Ferrara Commune invested in a new LED lighting system. It was the first time LED was used in a Italian professional stadium. In the first season in Serie C, SPAL played under 80 LED luminaires using mounted in the existing 30 meter masts. This was possible thanks to the low weight and windage of the AAA-LUX luminaires. Also the existing power supply could be re-used. Due to the absence of inrush current in the AAA-LUX driver, more light could be produced from the same power source. This enabled the Ferrara Commune to upgrade the lighting system with a relatively low investment.

Within three years SPAL was promoted two times more to be re-united with Serie A. Both times AAA-LUX increase the lighting level, the last time using four 45 meter masts holding 50 luminaires each. It lead to an impressive sight of the beautifully renovated Stadio Paolo Mazza stadium, near the historic center of the Ferrara. Additionally some luminaires were place on the roof edge of the old and new stands to comply with the highest Italian lighting requirements.

The vertical lighting levels from the camera (main stand) is 1.650lx with a uniformity. From the other three sides the vertical levels are approx. 1.250lx, all with high uniformity. With the horizontal levels close to well over 2.000lx the stadium is not only suitable for Italian Serie A, but even Champions league football. The quality got noticed in the offices of Serie A technical management, as one of the best.    

SPAL plays it game now in Serie B. There is no doubt they will come back to Serie A once more, the stadium facilities are more than ready.

Italian sports lighting specialist Marco Calo: “AAA-LUX Italy can guide professional clubs with an upgrade to LED lighting. LED developed fast in recent years which means we could do the same thing now with less luminaires. Also there are more interesting control features available like show lighting and energy saving option to use the lighting levels of Serie A but the energy bill of Serie D.

Besides in Europe and abroad we do a lot of training accommodations. AAA-LUX has realized well over 3.000 projects since 2010”.

Caste Study SPAL Stadium