Vidéo: installations de premier plan en Malaisie

Next step made

AAA-LUX is well underway with illumination series of football accommodations in Malaysia. These high level fields are rented out to clubs and individual groups. After establishing a pilot recently the next step has been made to support their goal to drive the ecosystem of football in Malaysia by establishing top tier football facilities and through this “making football more accessible for the people ultimately creating unity through our beloved common sport”. AAA-LUX is pleased and thankful to be a part of this.

Location Kuala Lumpur

Since a couple of years AAA-LUX has a location in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Besides local production it is the sales hub for Malaysia and the surrounding countries. The presence has led to a number of cooperation with national organisations. These nice projects are the outcome of that. It shows what we are capable of.

Change in attitude

AAA-LUX Malaysia Managing Director Shi Chai Chong: Using stadium-alike-mast constructions is quite common in this region. It is a result of the use of a high number of low priced low power luminaires. For this weight and wind load we need strong masts. Our quest in this region is to change the attitude because in the end you spend more for a modest light quality. With AAA-LUX, much more cost efficient masts can be used, which – besides the high quality lighting – leads to a lower total project price. “It is not so easy to break through this culture but we are getting there”, says Mr. Chong.