Subvention Éclairage Sportif

Financial support for durable investments

In France it is possible for football clubs to obtain grants when making durable investments, such as LED lighting. The FFF offers financial support to all football clubs who are placing LED lighting and replacing conventional lighting by LED lighting, at a minimum of niveau E5. The conditions that a football club has to comply to can be read in the ‘FÉDÉRATION FRANÇAISE DE FOOTBALL
‘.  Applying for this grant is possible in collaboration with the supplier and the regional municipality, please see the application form below for more information.

For other sports clubs it is also possible to obtain financial grants in some cases, this depends on both the project itself and where the project is installed. Municipalities in some regions have grants available for sports clubs who invest in LED lighting, because it has many benefits for the municipality such as:

  • LED lighting consumes less energy, compared to conventional lighting
  • LED lighting causes less CO2 emissions as a result of less energy consumption
  • With LED lighting it is easier to prevent light pollution
  • LED lighting helps to boost a municipality’s green image
  • The citizens of the municipality are able to enjoy their sports under the best lighting


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