WS-stad for stadiums

Thé Stadium Luminaire

The WS-STAD family AAA-LUX LED luminaires are suitable to illuminate sports arenas, both for indoor as well as outdoor stadiums with 4 masts or a ringof-fire situation. AAA-LUX is equipped to enable televised games at all levels in all sports. The WS-STAD luminaires cover a number of types for the various stadium applications for close or far distance aiming.

They can be controlled via the wireless InControl lighting management system. This system is designed to bring the user ease of use, as it will also bring remote management.

It is also possible to control the luminaires via a wired system to enable fast response for show elements. This way you bring more emotion to the professional outdoor sports. Typical applications for the WS-STAD family are in sports arenas and stadiums for soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics and field hockey as well as indoor arenas for basketball and tennis. Light spill shields are available for harsher light pollution environment.

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