TV 1848 Schwabach ready for new season

TV 1848 Schwabach ready for new season

Less than two months after deciding to move to LED floodlight technology, installation of AAA-LUX LED floodlights at the German hockey club TV 1848 Schwabach has now been completed.

TV 1848 Schwabach is the first German hockey club to embrace AAA-LUX LED technology. ‘The detailed information AAA-LUX Germany provided and the fact that the technology has been adopted by hockey clubs around the globe were key in our decision to select AAA-LUX LED technology,’ says Karl-Heinz Probst on behalf of the club.

The quest for new luminaires was challenging for the club as they wanted to avoid additional investments in new mast while the German Hockey Federation stipulated that the illumination had to be 200 Lux with 0.75 uniformity. ‘Only AAA-LUX is able to deliver according to these requirements as AAA-LUX LED luminaires are the only LED luminaires in the world that are a one-on-one replacement for the conventional 2.2 kW luminaires in terms of weight and size,’ says Udo Kempf of AAA-LUX Germany. ‘Respecting the weight and size of conventional luminaires has always been on top of the mind of AAA-LUX since it started to develop a LED luminaire for illuminating large areas in 2005. They knew how important it would be to avoid unnecessary cost when masts would have to be replaced too.’ As AAA-LUX can rely on over 10 years’ experience in developing high-power LED luminaires, the ability to pack all technology for quality LED illumination in small housings has been unrivalled.

Karl-Heinz Probst of TV 1848 Schwabach lauds the technical support and information the club received from AAA-LUX Germany. ‘Information we received was very detailed and included advice on which luminaires would be best for our situation. They also provided us with detailed lightplans indicating the quality and uniformity the luminaires would produce once installed.’ As the field is located in an urban area, this was important to TV 1848 Schwabach. ‘It helped the club to stem any possible objections from people living close to the field,’ Udo Kempf says. ‘LED luminaires produce less light pollution as they are better to aim. However, neighbours of sports facilities are only willing to accept this claim when it can be proved and substantiated.’

Albeit being the first hockey club in Germany to opt for AAA-LUX LED technology, AAA-LUX Germany could rely on knowledge and experience gained by AAA-LUX partners around the globe. ‘AAA-LUX has been successfully installing LED technology around the globe for the past 6 years already,’ explains Udo Kempf. ‘The company has achieved many successes ever since and the number of installations concluded is heading for close to 1.000 installations. This also includes the installations used for the 2013 FIH European Hockey Championship and the 2015 FIH World Hockey League tournament.’ According to Karl-Heinz Probst this experience also contributed to their decision. ‘As they were very quick in answering our questions and providing us information, we felt confident that AAA-LUX Germany would be able to deliver.’

The close proximity to the production facilities of AAA-LUX enabled AAA-LUX Germany to reduce the delivery period to the minimum. ‘AAA-LUX laboratories and production facilities are located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands,’ Kempf explains while pointing out that the city is known as being ‘the cradle of modern illumination technology’. ‘AAA-LUX has produced thousands of LED luminaires for its many projects over the past few years and possible production or delivery flaws have been identified and dealt with long time ago. This allows us to move quickly,’ he adds.

TV 1848 Schwabach is the first German hockey club that will use LED luminaires for practicing and playing its games at home. ‘We have now also started to receive orders from clubs playing in the German top-flight hockey leagues, such as Klipper THC Hamburg. I believe it is only a matter of time before we can claim to have illuminated the home ground of the German hockey champion,’ Kempf concludes.

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