Sports configurator

151130-sportsconfiguratorCompare your type of sports field and the required illumination level (class) with the AAA-LUX Configurator© to find out which type of illumination you will require.

Each sports and sports field has its own requirements regarding illumination. The dimensions of the field and the level of illumination that is required are essential to determine which floodlight and how many luminaires have to be installed.

Additional requirements, like the need to provide sufficient lighting to allow for good quality TV registration, will further determine the type and number of luminaires used.

The availability of space to fit the luminaires as well as the height they are expected to be fitted at will be other factors to consider.

The AAA-LUX Configurator© will allow you to learn more about some pre-determined installations that are used often. It gives you an idea of what to expect. Please make sure that you acquire additional information by inviting one of our sales partners to visit your site.


The illumination solutions shown in these pictures are based on the typical layout of sports fields in the Netherlands. As requirements and layout differ from country to country, you are advised to contact your AAA-LUX partner to discuss the illumination solution that best suits your requirements.

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