Special luminaires meet UEFA requirements

Special luminaires meet UEFA requirements

Swiss football club US Arbedo has received official approval from the Swiss FA to use the latest AAA-LUX LED luminaires. The luminaires have specifically been designed to meet the illumination requirements for mast layouts like the one used at US Arbedo.

US Arbedo had to improve their illumination following their promotion at the start of this season.  The Swiss club from the Lago Maggiore region opted for having AAA-LUX LED luminaires fitted on six masts. The illumination is controlled by means of a button box, allowing the club to illuminate matches and training sessions for all teams but each with a different illumination level. This contributes to significant energy savings for the club.

The layout of the masts at US Arbedo differs from standard layouts used in many other countries. In order to be able to still deliver the illumination stipulated by UEFA, AAA-LUX had to develop a new luminaire to still be able to direct the light-beam correctly onto the field.

This luminaire has an additional advantage over other AAA-LUX LED luminaires as it produces even less light spill as AAA-LUX LED luminaires usually do. AAA-LUX LED luminaires are renowned for their illumination quality and limited light spill, but the luminaires used at US Arbedo have now taken this to another level.


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