SC 08 Reilingen e.V crowned champion

SC 08 Reilingen e.V crowned champion

German football club SC 08 Reilingen e.V too has ended their first season with AAA-LUX LED light successfully. Their 4-1 victory against FV Brühl saw them bagging the championship.

SC 08 Reilingen e.V is best-known as the club that produced German international Kurt Niedermayer. The club is using AAA-LUX LED since November last year.“One AAA-LUX LED luminaire was fitted to each 16m high mast in November last year,“ explains Udo Kempf of AAA-LUX Germany. “The luminaires provide maximum 1.550 Watt illumination each. This is more than what is required to provide the 75 lux hence the luminaires have been dimmed.“ Club chairman, Uli Kief says that „during the training sessions the luminaires will produce only 60% of its full capacity. This is still sufficient to have perfect training conditions and it feels like twice the light we had before.“

Reilingen municipality, owners of the infrastructure at the football club, anticipates to have an return on investment within 10 years. “All AAA-LUX luminaires from the WS Series have been tested to provide high quality illumination for at least 60.000 hours,“ Kempf continues. “The illumination hardly degredates. Contrary to metal halide luminaires, which will experience a degradation over time and, as a result will no longer provide the requested illumination within several years of installation, AAA-LUX LED illumination always remains of the highest quality. They will be installed with a surplus capacity to compensate for the degradation the luminaire is likely to experience. From our experience we know that our LED technology degredates approximately 10% during its life expectancy which is set at 35.000 hours when used at full capacity and 60.000 to 100.000 hours when dimmed. As the luminaires hardly require any maintenance, and definitely don’t have to be re-lamped every so many years, SC 08 Reilingen has a bright future ahead,“ Kempf adds while pointing out that LED luminaires never fail completely compared to metal halide luminaires. “Metal halide luminaires tend to fail often. We know from real-time experience that 30% of metal halide light sources tend to completely fail within 10.000 burning hours, resulting in a poorly illuminated surface. LED luminaires, on the other hand, can experience a single LED to fail but this is hardly noticable as the luminaire is made up of hundreds of individual LED’s.“

Thanks to the championship SC 08 Reilingen e.V. will compete in the German District League next season. With its achievement, SC 08 Reilingen joins a long list with clubs that use AAA-LUX LED technology and which have concluded their season successfully. The best example is Spal in Italy. The club from Ferrara will play in the Italian Serie A next season. After their decision in 2013 to have AAA-LUX LED technology fitted at their home ground, the Paolo Mazza stadium in Ferrara, Spal bagged championship trophies in the Italian Serie C and Serie B. No doubt management and players of SC 08 Reilingen dream from similar successes in their leagues.

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