Maximum control

AAA-LUX offers a wide variety of solutions that offers managers and operators of large areas the flexibility to control floodlights from different locations and through various interfaces.

The wireless AAA-LUX LED floodlights allow for various means to control the lights. Switching the lights on or off, or adjusting illumination levels can be done directly at the light, elsewhere on-site or even from a remote location. The devices can also be used to obtain real-time performance information for each luminaire.

AAA-LUX provides various user-friendly interfaces to control the lights. This ranges from robust switchboxes that can be used in stand-alone systems to sophisticated touch screens and even mobile applications to control entire complexes.

The robust switchbox has six buttons. Each button can be programmed with a different lighting configuration.

When touch screens are selected for controlling the AAA-LUX LED floodlights, a layout map will assist users to select the exact luminaire or illumination level.

Each LED luminaire is connected to the LCMS via LEDxLINK protocol. LEDxLINK is a proprietary software protocol that translates the end-user’s requirement for quality illumination to the actual settings within the luminaire.

If used correctly, the AAA-LUX LCMS allows for enhanced illumination, energy savings and improved stakeholder relationships.

The various lighting control management systems of AAA-LUX allow owners and managers of large areas, including airport aprons, sports facilities, railway terminals, as well as port and industrial areas, to control lights flexibly.

In summary, the LCMS control box provides end-users with easy use on-site, connection to third party devices, as well as remote management options for the supervisor of the total installation.

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