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AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights can illuminate large areas, regardless of their size or shape. Floodlights from the AAA-LUX LED JT series range are vital in offering a total illumination solution.

The AAA-LUX LED JT series is perfectly suited to illuminate smaller and ‘hidden’ areas, which cannot be covered by AAA-LUX LED floodlights from the AL series. They are also preferred when large (high roofed) indoor areas, like hangars, have to be illuminated by LED.

The AAA-LUX LED JT series of floodlights fits in seamlessly in the AAA-LUX lighting control management system of any lighting solution that uses AAA-LUX floodlights. This enables AAA-LUX to provide a ‘total illumination package’ and offers peace-of-mind for owners or managers of large areas and sports facilities.

Thanks to the AAA-LUX wireless LCMS, significant investment in cables for newly-built LED floodlight projects can be avoided.

The AAA-LUX LED JT series floodlights allow AAA-LUX to offer high-quality and flexible LED lighting solutions for areas of any size and for any use, including hangars, train and airport terminals, parking lots, indoor sport facilities as well as industrial and commercial areas.

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