More fields to be illuminated in Ipswich

More fields to be illuminated in Ipswich

The successful trial install at Ipswich Rangers has encouraged Ipswich City Council to select AAA-LUX WS LED luminaires to illuminate another 8 fields.

The AAA-LUX luminaires will be used to illuminate AFL, Athletics, Rugby League, Rugby Union , Soccer and Softball fields.

Ipswich City Council is joining a growing of Australian municipalities that have embraced AAA-LUX LED technology that is offered in Australia by AAA-LUX partner Jasstech. Other cities include Auckland, Carpentaria, Lockyer Valley, Maranoa, Moreton and Moree Plains Regional Councils, along with the University of Queensland, James Cook Uni, Burleigh Bears, and a number of other visionary clubs and facility operators, and the future is bright.

The 1.55 KW luminaire now outperforms the old 1970’s 2.2KW mercury laden metal halide luminaires, and is completely retrofit-able to existing poles.

The total unit, including the incredibly compact efficient driver, is entirely pole mounted keeping everything neat and together – out of flooding and harms way. This does away with ballast and starters, and control boxes at the base of poles thereby reducing cost of installs and additional boxing and labour.

The luminaires are wireless controlled allowing dimming, zoning and smart management of the fields and facilities from either the club house or beside the field. In fact multi fields can be controlled from a central point up to 2 kilometers away. The days of running control cabling were over years ago.

It is now possible to manage and review performance and usage, and smart manage from central locations, and whole of city command posts. The capability to allocate costs and time of use per field, per user, is now a real possibility.