LED luminaire for stadiums

AAA-LUX has successfully concluded tests on a LED luminaire that was specifically designed for illuminating fields in a stadium environment. The WS-Stad is now available.

The narrow beam of light that the WS-Stad LED luminaire produces enables it to illuminate areas further away from the light source. It also provides better vertical light therefore; it contributes to improved illumination quality.

As luminaires in stadiums are often placed further away from the field compared to those that are installed on masts, illuminating sports fields in a stadium environment was more challenging that illuminating community sports fields.

Over the past few months, AAA-LUX has tried and tested the WS-Stad on various venues. As the results confirmed what the engineers had in mind when designing the WS-Stad, AAA-LUX is happy to release the luminaire and avail it to the market too.

Click here to read all about the WS-Stad

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