Germany; a shining light

Germany; a shining light

AAA-LUX is taking Germany by storm. Thanks to the close partnership between AAA-LUX and Kempf GmbH, its re-seller for Germany, several sports clubs and community sports field in Germany can now benefit from high-quality LED illumination.

Kempf GmbH had a major installation in 2014 when it was tasked to illuminate the football field of FC- Astoria Walldorf which, subsequently, encouraged the municipality to ask Kempf GmbH to also illuminate its local football- and athletics stadium in 2015. These projects came on the back off a successful installation at the training centre of top-flight football club Hoffenheim.

The quality installations and the undisputed quality of AAA-LUX LED floodlights proved various German sports clubs that LED is the way to go. Since the beginning of this year football clubs in Sinsheim, Mannheim, St. Leon, Veldhausen, Mutschelbach also had AAA-LUX LED floodlights installed. Hockey clubs TV Schwabach and Klipper THC as well as the owners of a rugby field in Heidelberg, have joined the club of growing AAA-LUX users. ”The limited energy consumption and the quality of the illumination AAA-LUX LED luminaires provide, really set the standard in Germany,“ says Udo Kempf of Kempf GmbH. ”All clubs use the dynamic lighting controls that AAA-LUX offers with its LED luminaires. This allows them to achieve an additional energy saving which can go up to another 30 or 40%. As the luminaires don’t have any inrush current users of AAA-LUX LED luminaires also benefit from cheaper energy rates,“ Kempf concludes.

AA-LUX is pleased with the inroads Kempf is making in Germany. ”Germany is a very important market for us as Germans have a reputation of only being satisfied with the best technology possible,“ says AAA-LUX Marketing & Sales Manager, Michel van Dooren. ”The acceptance of AAA-LUX LED technology by so many clubs in such short period of time confirms once again that our technology is of the highest standard possible. Our track record has proven this time and again. Nevertheless the recognition in Germany is a very important and much appreciated support to our claim that AAA-LUX LED technology is the best LED technology available and which will always benefit the club.“


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