Running in Reading

Running in Reading

Palmer Stadium in Reading, England, has moved to AAA-LUX LED illumination. AAA-LUX Partner Abacus recently handed over the project to stadium management. Over 60 AAA-LUX LED luminaires were used.

Palmer Stadium offers a range of quality leisure facilities for the local community and sports teams. Abacus was tasked to illuminate the velodrome, artificial grass pitch as well as the athletics stadium.

The original conventional lighting was replaced with AAA-LUX LED floodlights from the WS-Series. The WS-Series are high performance, energy efficient LED floodlights designed specifically for sports lighting applications. These LED luminaires distinguish themselves as they illuminate sports fields from a distance but still produce sufficient light quality and capacity as is dictated by the applicable standards for sports.

Over 60 of these fittings were installed.

The AAA-LUX Light Control Management System (LCMS) allows for dynamic use of the luminaires. Palmer Park Stadium uses a touch screen to independently switch all areas from a remote location to illuminate only those areas where illumination is required, as well as having the ability to dim areas when required. This allows the centre to benefit financially by switching the lights off or dimmed when not in use, reducing wasted light and energy consumption along with a reduction in long term maintenance costs. Use of LED also allows for instant start up times and increased flexibility as lighting can be quickly switched on and off, further resulting in low running costs and reduced energy consumption, giving further savings for the centre. AAA-LUX LED luminaires do not experience an inrush current when switched on and, as such, do not require additional investments in power generating capacity.

With such a diverse range of sport taking place in the stadium, the modular design of the WS-Series is ideal with light being effectively aimed and distributed with minimal glare, resulting in maintained lighting levels and uniformity on pitch without affecting athletes’ vision.

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