♫♪ Here are the men in black! ♫♪

♫♪ Here are the men in black! ♫♪

Their mission: keeping the fires of the European economy burning

Their fear: being taken out by the big yellow monsters

Their solution: AAA-LUX LED floodlights

Employees of the Rietlanden coal terminal in the port of Amsterdam work day and night to load and off-load coal that is used for generating heat or electricity to keep the European economy going. They are surrounded by huge piles of coal, making it difficult to see what is coming next or to be seen by the drivers of the big yellow machines assisting in moving coal. The fact that coal absorbs light, contrary to any other surface, makes it more difficult to illuminate the areas correctly.

Albeit they wear bright orange uniforms, the well-being of employees at the Rietlanden coal terminal hugely relies on good quality illumination. AAA-LUX LED floodlights illuminate every inch of the terminal. As the illumination matches that of day-light, it also reduces fatigue hence improving safety for those working at the terminal.

AAA-LUX has used a variety of luminaires to illuminate the terminal, including luminaires from the AL-360, AL-90, AL-60 and JT-01 series.

The installation of AAA-LUX LED floodlights gained international prominence in 2013 when AAA-LUX installed LED floodlights at 45 m height. It was the first time in history that LED technology managed to provide quality illumination from such height.

Luminaires of all AAA-LUX LED series for commercial areas have been used to illuminate the Rietlanden coal terminal. Have a look at a pictures in the slider on top of this page to see how employees at the Rietlanden coal terminal benefit from the quality AAA-LUX LED illumination.


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