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Camera, Lights, Action!
Every detail visible at Ahoy Rotterdam

Visitors of Ahoy Rotterdam want to be able to enjoy live performances without having to bother about the safety of their vehicles. Ahoy Rotterdam has made that possible by investing in AAA-LUX LED technology. The quality illumination these luminaires provide keep the parking lots brightly lit while CCTV cameras capture every detail.

Ahoy Rotterdam is one of Holland’s oldest convention and entertainment centres. The complex is divided into an exhibition-, conference- and events area and has hosted numerous sports-, commercial and cultural events since its opening in 1950.
In order to accommodate visitors attending an event, Ahoy Rotterdam provides ample parking space near its complex. Up to 2.000 vehicles can park nearby. To ensure parked vehicles are safe, Ahoy Rotterdam recently invested in new floodlights. “The safety of the vehicles was paramount for Ahoy Rotterdam. They knew that when customer vehicles are safe, this will contribute to the long lasting relationship and good experience visitors will have,” Ronald Gronsveld of AAA-LUX partner Rofianda points out. “Serious investments in CCTV technology had been made for that reason. However, Ahoy Rotterdam acknowledged that this investment would go to waste when the CCTV technology was not complemented by good quality illumination.”

Every detail visible
Rofianda offered Ahoy Rotterdam to install AAA-LUX LED technology. “These LED luminaires provide a very uniform light. Its comfortable for the eye but, more importantly, footage on the CCTV cameras has become very clear as there are no longer white spots or interferences on the monitor.” The illumination allows Ahoy Rotterdam to utilize its CCTV cameras to the max. “Their cameras can zoom in from as far as 300m and still capture every single detail.” Gronsveld points out that security has improved at the facility significantly. “Everything that happens at the various parking spaces is monitored. If needs be, immediate action is taken. The LED luminaires don’t interfere with the picture quality on the CCTV monitor and provide a clear picture. Should it be necessary the footage captured can be used as evidence in a court of law. I have no doubt that the quality of the pictures will leave anything to desire.” The high efficacy of the AAA-LUX LED luminaires are a major contributor to the improved security, Michel van Dooren of AAA-LUX says. “AAA-LUX has always achieved the highest lumen output at the luminaire. Combined with the quality of its technology, the individual led’s used to create the luminaire as well as the transparency of our lenses; we manage to illuminate every large area from a height and according to standard.” This is acknowledged by the many installations in which AAA-LUX LED technology has been used. This includes many parking spaces. “Visitors of Eindhoven Airport, the expo centre in Brussels or the P&O terminal in Rotterdam, to name a few, can safely leave their car behind. All those parking spaces are well
lit by AAA-LUX LED technology enabling security to see every detail and illuminate the area in a dynamic way while saving on the expenses of energy consumption.” The investment in AAA-LUX LED technology has assured Ahoy Rotterdam that the phrase ‘Lights, camera, action’ can be made more often and in front of an excited crowd as they have nothing else to worry about than
enjoying the show.

Year: 2015
Site: Ahoy Rotterdam
Purpose: Vehicle parking area
Dimensions of the illuminated space: 130x250m
Product: 6 x AL360, 2 x AL90 and 7 x JT01
LCMS: n/a
Number of masts: 7
Luminaires per mast: 1
Illumination level: 20 lux, 0.25


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