US can still become CO2 neutral

US can still become CO2 neutral

Let us continue heading in the right direction despite the decision US President Donald Trump made to pull out of the 2015 UN agreement on Climate Change signed in Paris.

All is not lost when the American (business) society takes the lead by investigating and investing in energy-friendly solutions. Venue operators, university management, sports facilities managers don’t require the approval of the POTUS. Proof is there internationally that replacing one conventional luminaire by one LED luminaire to illuminate a large area, will save the same amount of electricity as one person, on average, uses per year. That will certainly slash the US CO2 footprint significantly.

To put it into perspective: when replacing a conventional luminaire by a AAA-LUX LED luminaire this will save 1.000 kWh per annum. This is the equivalent of the annual household electricity consumption of one person in an average country. If all tennis courts in the US would be illuminated by AAA-LUX technology, sufficient energy savings would be achieved to make cities like San Fransisco, Dallas or San Diego become CO2 neutral on household electricity. When operators of airport- or railway infrastructure, stadium managers or universities, to name a few, would follow suit the US would come close to achieve its target to reduce its CO2 footprint as was agreed in Paris in November 2015.

Whatever the morals of a leader: moral leadership thrives by the support of the masses.

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