Přátelství stadium lights up

Přátelství stadium lights up

The new AAA-LUX floodlights that illuminate the Přátelství stadium in Prague, Czech Republic, have officially been commissioned. At the official handover this week, the floodlights achieved 870 Lux and a very good uniformity. Intensity also exceeded what was expected.

The stadium is used as a training ground by the national football association and was recently refurbished with the help of UEFA. It also serves as the headquarters for the national athletics federation hence the presence of an athletics track around the football field.

Thanks to the AAA-LUX lighting management control system (LCMS), the AAA-LUX LED luminaires provide sufficient illumination for both the athletics track as well as the football field. AAA-LUX partner Abatec provided the Czech FA with different illumination intensities that will provide sufficient illumination but will also reduce the energy consumption.

All LED lights are controlled individually. To operate the LED floodlights, management of the stadium uses a touchscreen. Once the floodlights have been switched off, the smart and flexible lighting management system (LCMS) ensures that the illumination is reduced gradually over a period of a few minutes until all athletes and officials have left the field.

All AAA-LUX luminaires are fitted at the new Abacus masts that have been placed around the stadium. Using LED to illuminate a stadium field was, until recently, hardly possible as the distance between the masts and the field seemed to be impossible to cover. As AAA-LUX has always moved the boundaries for high-powered LED, AAA-LUX engineers took on the challenge to develop a LED luminaire that would also be able to illuminate a stadium field.

As a result, AAA-LUX introduced the AAA-LUX WS-STAD-series in 2015. This luminaire has since been used to illuminate, amongst others, stadiums in Italy, France and the Netherlands. Přátelství stadium in Prague is the next achievement AAA-LUX proudly adds to its list with achievements.




AAA-LUX luminaire - 01a


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