Congratulations Erik Swennen!

Congratulations Erik Swennen!

AAA-LUX congratulates Erik Swennen with the 12.5th anniversary of his decision to investigate LED technology to illuminate large areas. Thanks to that decision using LED technology for illuminating any type of large area has become a reality these days.

Erik’s firm belief that the perception and use of light was changing, and his vision that it should be possible to illuminate a large area with LED technology, encouraged him in January 2005 to establish, what is now called, AAA-LUX.

He immediately surrounded himself with a team of experts to explore the possibilities LED technology could offer. LED technology, that time, had just revolutionized the domestic market.

In 2009 Erik’s team introduced the first LED luminaire that could be used for illuminating a sports field. This became the first LED luminaire capable of illuminating a large area from a distance. Field tests and feedback the team collected from end-users were a great help in further developing the technology.

Merely one year later, the team introduced a LED luminaire as a one-on-one replacement for conventional 2.2 kW Metal Halide Luminaires. From there AAA-LUX took the sports field lighting industry by storm. The industrial market is slowly but surely following suit.

The organisation has also grown from strength to strength. This was confirmed recently by the announcement that AAA-LUX would soon be ISO certified.

To date, a global network of dealers and partner familiarizes the market with AAA-LUX LED technology every single day. AAA-LUX LED technology is now being used in hundreds of project in close to 40 different countries. The AAA-LUX partners are supported by a dedicated and fully equipped R&D, admin and sales team in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The new head office and production facility AAA-LUX opened earlier this year is a reflection of the growth AAA-LUX has experienced over the past 12.5 years and growth we anticipate for the future. A growth that would not have been possible without the vision of Erik Swennen!

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