AAA-LUX improves its offering

AAA-LUX improves its offering

More light, better service and better warranty conditions; from 1 January 2017 AAA-LUX will illuminate your future!

AAA-LUX is the only manufacturer of LED luminaires for large areas and sports fields that can rely on 8 year real-time experience in LED lighting. This knowledge and experience has contributed to AAA-LUX introducing an improved offer to the market, including new warranty and a strong service support.

With effect from January 1, 2017:

  • AAA-LUX LED will guarantee all AAA-LUX LED luminaires for at least 5 years without any additional charge. End users can also opt for the advantageous offer to extend that period to 10 years.
  • The light output from new AAA-LUX LED fixtures will be higher than ever before. Thanks to the higher light output AAA-LUX:
    • reduce the number of luminaires required to achieve the same illumination level produced by conventional luminaires. Instead of using 14 or 16 luminaires to illuminate a football field according to Class II, AAA-LUX now only requires 12 or 14 LED fixtures. This will reduce capital layout.
    • Generate 300 lux for a tennis court by using only two fixtures that are dimmed to 1.200 watts. In short, this will reduce the energy consumption.
    • Greatly reduced energy consumption at dock areas and reduce service cost: in short; ROI will be greatly improved.

AAA service will also come into effect on 1 January 2017. The service program is designed to support end-users faster and more complete to ensure that AAA-LUX LED fixtures continue to function optimally. AAA Service aims for the prevention of failures and a quick and accurate response in case anything happens or malfunctions.

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