151215-nsvv-ondertekeningAAA-LUX subscribes to the Code of Conduct for calculating illumination which is set by the Dutch Foundation for Illumination (NSVV). As a signatory to the Code of Conduct AAA-LUX, confirms that it pursues craftsmanship.

The NSVV developed the code in close cooperation with the Dutch Light Association (NLA). It stipulates that signatories will:

• Use these assumptions for the preparation of illumination calculations
• document the input so that illumination calculations can be compared;
• accept that at the NSVV can perform sampling to check quality at all times
• accept that the NSVV can take on the role of arbiter in case of doubt or conflictnsvv logo

Thanks to this code, clients and end users are assured of the professionalism of lighting plans and illumination advice. They will receive a clear story about the design of the lighting calculations.

Signatories of the code of conduct may carry the NSVV logo which enables buyers to immediately recognize which suppliers operate according to standards and quality standards set. That makes it immediately clear which party can be considered reliable.

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