LM-79 certificates have been issued for all AAA-LUX LED luminaires. This certificate is also known as the LM-79-08 certificate. The AAA-LUX luminaires are rigorously tested by the renowned test institute DEKRA.

The LM-79 certification demonstrates that AAA-LUX LED luminaires meet all of the requirements for LED lighting set by the government.

The LM-79 test was developed by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), a respected organization that unites engineers. The test is accepted worldwide as the standard for defining the luminous flux (efficacy), measured in lumens per watt, at maximum power.

The quality of all AAA-LUX products is always tested by DEKRA. This organization operates worldwide and therefore knows exactly which strict requirements for LED luminaires have to be met. As a global trendsetter in the field of high power LED illumination, AAA-LUX is keen to continue to meet the highest standards. The strict control by DEKRA ensures this remains a fact.

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