Best quality illumination

AAA-LUX has been working since 2005 to develop and improve LED technology to produce high-power LED luminaires. In 2009, AAA-LUX became the first manufacturer that managed to produce a luminaire that met the illumination requirements set by the testing institute of KIWA ISA sport.

The knowledge and experience that AAA-LUX has acquired since 2005 has contributed to the fact that AAA-LUX can now supply a LED illumination solution for illumination all types of large areas. Our LED solutions pass all tests set by renowned quality and testing institutes.

All AAA-LUX LED luminaires are CE certified and have an LM-79 certification. The LM-79 certification confirms that the intensity of AAA-LUX LED luminaires (also known as luminous flux) is at least 90 lumens per watt. This quality has been tested and confirmed for the entire luminaire and not just for one individual LED.

All essential components for the luminaires are developed and manufactured by AAA-LUX . This prevents the inferior lenses or glasses from having negative impact on the quality of the light on the ground.

AAA-LUX LED luminaires are composed of components of the highest quality. This includes LED’s of the same, high quality standard. The LED fixtures are manufactured in the Netherlands.

All luminaires are tuned and tested, and the log data is analyzed before they are shipped to the client. Only when the armature has passed this final quality test, the luminaire may bear the predicate AAA-LUX LED luminaire.

Focus areas

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