LED illumination for sport

As today’s sports are played with ball rotation at high speed, lighting of the highest standard is essential to ensure a quality game and impacts on the final outcome. Good quality lighting enables athletes to assess the game quicker and anticipate faster what is happening or where to go. AAA-LUX LED floodlights from the WS series meet the highest international standard and continuously push up the benchmark. AAA-LUX high-powered LED lighting creates a more even and uniform light distribution and has a colour temperature that matches that of daylight. This increases visibility and the ability to detect moving objects which enhances the match experience for both athletes and spectators. The dimensions of AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights are within the boundaries of conventional luminaires, while the weight and wind shear characteristics match those of conventional luminaires. Investing in AAA-LUX LED floodlights does not require any investment in masts or cables and no additional changes will have to be made to the existing 400 VAC electrical installation. Even the existing light switches remain in place. The wireless AAA-LUX lighting control management system (LCMS) ensures that no significant investments have to be made in cables for newly-built LED floodlight projects. This LCMS allows for remote control of the system and for using it flexibly. Switchboxes at the entrance of a sports field or tennis court will allow the switching on and off of lights when needed. Touch screens in a canteen or management systems installed on tablets or off-site can further contribute to controlling the lighting flexibly. They enable managers to dim or adjust illumination levels as often as they please, without really affecting the visibility. This flexible use will contribute to better managing energy consumption and improving relationships with stakeholders, like neighbours living close to the complex, too. In the WS series, AAA-LUX offers high-quality and flexible LED lighting solutions for every venue and for any sport.

Focus areas

LEDEXPERT World Hockey League melbourne university - 02 AAA-LUX 2013 - WC hockey - 01 Spal 1907 - 06 Woodend Park - 08

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