Large & Industrial areas

When people and assets are spread over a large area only illumination of the highest standard assures their safety and security. Comfortable employees also lead to higher productivity.

AAA-LUX LED floodlights from the AL-series meet the highest standard and continuously push the benchmark up. They are designed to meet the extreme requirements for industrial areas.

AAA-LUX high-powered LED lighting creates a more even and uniform light distribution and has a colour temperature that matches that of daylight. This increases alertness and the ability to detect moving objects.

The dimensions of AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights are within the boundaries of conventional luminaires, while the weight and wind shear characteristics match those of conventional luminaires. Investing in AAA-LUX LED floodlights does not require any investment in masts or cables and no additional changes will have to be made to the existing 400 VAC electrical installation. Even the existing light switches remain in place.

The wireless AAA-LUX lighting control management system (LCMS) ensures that no significant investments have to be made in cables for newly-built LED floodlight projects.

This LCMS allows for controlling the floodlights remotely and using them flexibly. This enables managers to dim or adjusted illumination levels as often as they please without affecting illumination uniformity or quality. The flexible use of the AL-series  AAA-LUX LED floodlights will contribute to better managing the energy consumption and improving relationships with stakeholders.

In the AL-series, AAA-LUX offers high-quality and flexible LED lighting solutions for areas of any size and for any use, including parking lots, airport aprons, railway marshalling yards, port terminals and complete industrial zones.

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