No light pollution thanks to LEDs

Light pollution is something that can easily be prevented with AAA-LUX luminaires. The luminaires are easier to aim at an area where light is needed. They also provide less light-spill. This video clip was taken by using a drone that flew over the tennis courts of TC Groenvliet in IJsselstein. Now, you can see for yourself how well the tennis courts are illuminated without affecting the neighbourhood.

Light pollution is always on top of people’s mind when the suggestion is made to upgrade or to add floodlights to a facility. More especially, tennis complexes deal with this question often as most of these complexes are situated in urban areas.

AAA-LUX has been demonstrating for many years that AAA-LUX LED luminaires are easy to aim. This allows for maximum illumination within the required area and limited light spill in areas that are supposed to remain un-illuminated.  The advantage of better aimed LED luminaires is that they reduces glare and light pollution for the people and animals living nearby.

AAA-LUX’s certified partner, Daktronics went an extra mile to prove this. They hired a drone to make a clip from an aerial view. See for yourself how little light pollution the AAA-LUX LED luminaires provide!

Click here to watch the clip.



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