More light but less consumption

More light but less consumption

AAA-LUX has managed to produce more light while reducing the energy consumption by its luminaires. The improvement is a direct result of the implementation of a new lens-technology.

AAA-LUX developed the new lens-technology in-house. It is characterized by less loss of light as more light covers the targeted surface on the one hand and less loss within the lens itself on the other hand.

LED technology has made rapid progress in recent years. “LED technology to illuminate sports fields and large areas is still very young. In 2009 AAA-LUX was the first who managed to illuminate a sports field according to the standard. Since than the developments followed up rapidly. We are now even able to also illuminate big stadiums, “says Erik Swennen. Todate AAA-LUX LED fixtures have been used in over 700 projects in more than 30 countries. “The knowledge we gain in each project is continuously researched, tested and applied when it appears that this will contribute to a better light quality and better luminaire,” Swennen says.

“Because AAA-LUX manufactures all essential components for the LED luminaires itself, we can move quickly.” As an example Swennen mentions the progress AAA-LUX has made in terms of energy consumption. “The LED fixture that was introduced in 2009, required 1700 W. We have now reduced this to 1550W.” Swennen points out that the same AAA-LUX LED luminaire can be used to illuminate both games at top-level as well as at amateur or for training sessions. “Thanks to our Light Control and Management System (LCMS) we can provide the desired light level without continuously requiring maximum energy usage,” Swennen continues “In places where only one illumination level is required, we dim our standard fixtures.”

“Late 2015, we managed to reduce the required power to 1550w without without producing less light by using a new generation of LED technology. We have now managed to create considerably more light without the need for increasing the power required. Thanks to the new lens-technology we can now dim our luminares to 1500W. This provides additional savings for organizations and shortens the return on investment time.’

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