Lights at Jersey Airport switched on

AAA-LUX LED floodlights now ensure that Jersey Airport can now operate around the clock, should this be required. The airport is the vital life-line that connects the island of Jersey with England and mainland Europe.

Jersey Airport is the only airport on the small island between France and England. The Island is considered to be an idyllic place to live, a tax-safe haven and, most importantly, a beacon of hope for ships in distress.

The airport normally operates from early morning until 10 pm. To ensure that the airport maintains being in line with modern standards, it was recently revamped. Upgrading the illumination was considered as being one of the top priorities.

As the existing Abacus HL250 masts proved to still be in a good condition, Jersey Airport aimed not only for an illumination solution that would reduce their energy consumption but would also prevent the need for making unnecessary investments in new masts. Most of all, Jersey Airport also aimed for an illumination solution that could easily be integrated into the airport’s control systems and would be flexible in helping the airport to quickly respond in emergency situations.

Abacus and AAA-LUX provided Jersey Airport with the package they needed.

The new AAA-LUX LED floodlights illuminate the aprons and fit perfectly on the existing masts. The LED luminaires have a similar shape and weight as the conventional luminaires that were originally used. The die cast aluminium polyester powder coated luminaires with integrated heat sink and IP65 seals can also cope with the salt in the sea air.

The controls of the luminaires have been integrated into the airport operating systems. The luminaires can also be switched on through push button boxes on the masts and sensors that cover the aprons.

When the airport is not in use, the AAA-LUX LED luminaires provide sufficient light for perfect visibility to avoid compromising safety at the aprons. During those times, the luminaires consume only 50% of the energy that is normally consumed.

Most importantly, illumination levels can be increased to 100% at the push of a button when emergency situations require immediate optimum lighting.

By upgrading its illumination, Jersey Airport has made sure it remains in line with international standards. More importantly, it has also made sure that it has moved from a ‘beacon of hope’ to a ‘lighthouse of safety’ as it can spring to action at the push of a button.

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