AAA-LUX expands footprint in Africa

AAA-LUX expands footprint in Africa

Members of the Lagos Country Club in Nigeria have joined a growing group of people who benefit from the AAA-LUX LED floodlights. In December AAA-LUX partner Abacus Lighting completed the installation of the WS LED luminaires at the tennis courts of the club.

The tennis section of the Lagos Country Club is the busiest and by far the most developed section of the club hence the decision to keep its illumination up to standards by selecting LED floodlights. The environment of the tennis section is well planned and has remained well-groomed over the years.

The playing courts are the pride of this section. The club has a standard practice court, two hard courts and four clay courts. The latter are considered to be the best in the country. Over the years Lagos Country Club hosted some of the most celebrated national and international clay court tournaments played in Nigeria.

To ensure that players of all levels get the best experience possible and continue to return to Lagos, a new lighting system was in order for two of the main courts.

Four high performance AAA-LUX WS-Series fittings were installed onto pre-existing courtside masts. Built with the ability to be retrofitted, the 1700W LED WS-Series operates as a direct replacement for a 2kW fitting, the optimal solution as the existing columns did not require replacing. This reduced both time and costs associated with installation as no complicated bracketry is required for mounting these to the masts. Existing electrical wiring was used for the fittings, thus removing the need to add or move cabling and switches.

With the new LED floodlighting, the club now benefits from instant start up times on the courts, reduced running costs and increased flexibility of use. The LED modules are angled specifically to ensure a consistent spread of light, giving complete light level uniformity across the courts and meeting the requirements of the high level of tennis played at Lagos. This design gives excellent light control to the pitch as light overspill and wasted light is greatly reduced. In addition to this, the spectator and player experience is enhanced through a reduction in glare.

The AAA-LUX switching capability is ideal for adapting to the different levels of sport played on one court. Though these courts have been used for competitive play and tournament use, they are also used for general training and practice, meaning the lighting levels needed to be correct for each standard. The WS-Series can be programmed to perform at differing levels. In this instance, a controllable switch box was programmed for the lighting to operate at 100%, dim to 50% and 10% in addition to switching off. This switch box is placed in an easy to access area to allow for staff to have efficient and effective control over the floodlighting.

By selecting AAA-LUX LED technology, Lagos Country Club is also doing its share to limit the need for energy. The luminaires require up to 70% less energy compared to conventional luminaires. As Lagos struggles to cope with the energy demand from the emerging economy in the city, selecting AAA-LUX LED technology is a small step in the right direction.

The installation in Lagos adds to the growing number of installations of AAA-LUX luminaires in Africa. Sections of the ports in Cape Town (South Africa) and Beira (Mozambique) are already illuminated by AAA-LUX while the aprons of the airport in Kigali (Rwanda) and a football field in Ghana also make use of the energy saving and high-quality LED illumination.

The installation in Nigeria also marked the 500th project in which AAA-LUX LED technology was used, putting AAA-LUX firmly on the list with companies that le(a)d the way.

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