First installation in Austria

The oldest Austrian football club, First Vienna FC 1894, has adopted the latest LED illumination technology to illuminate its artificial grass training field. Twelve AAA-LUX LED luminaires now ensure that the club has the best conditions to also practice at night.

The training field of the club, commonly also known as First Vienna FC, is illuminated by only 12 high power AAA-LUX LED luminaires. The luminaires provide sufficient illumination to ensure the field is illuminated with an Em of over 170 lux.

The training field is directly located in the 20th district of Vienna. This area is densely populated which emphasized the need for reducing the light spill as much as possible. This is now perfectly managed thanks to the AAA-LUX luminaires.

The AAA-LUX LED luminaires are controlled by means of a switch box. This allows the trainers to select which part of the field they want to be illuminated and, when the field is not in use, to reduce the illumination intensity. By doing so, the teams of First Vienna FC have still sufficient illumination but the club benefits from the reduced energy consumption.

Kurt Garger, Sportsdirector of the First Vienna:  “we were happy to be a pioneering project in Austria and we are very proud to be the first club in Austria with a LED solution from AAA-LUX.“

First Vienna FC is the first club in Austria that adopts quality LED illumination of the highest standards, an achievement that can be attributed to AAA-LUX partner OE-Tronic.

The installation at First Vienna FC also means that AAA-LUX is well on track to break the ‘40’ barrier, as number of countries where AAA-LUX high power LED luminaires are being used. The installation is also another step towards the milestone of 500 projects completed.


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