FFF approves AAA

FFF approves AAA

The French Football Federation (FFF) has extended classification of the AAA-LUX LED luminaires at the MontLouis-Sur-Loire stadium in France.

AAA-LUX partner CEPHEELED fitted in 2015 two AAA-LUX LED luminaires from the WS series on each of the six masts in the stadium. Each luminaire has been dimmed to 1700 W. ‘The luminaires produce 165 lux when switched on. This exceeds the 150 lux the FFF stipulates in its requirements,’ says Denis Beauvois of CEPHEELED. Stadium management has the option to dim the lights to 25%, 50%, 75% or use them at capacity.

It is common that AAA-LUX LED luminaires exceed the requirements stipulated by sports associations or other governing bodies. ‘Our luminaires always over-achieve as our luminaires are always set to be able deliver the required illumination until at least the final moment of their economic life-span,’ Michel van Dooren of AAA-LUX explains. ‘Over the years the light output will depreciates. Depending on how the luminaire is used, our LED luminaires for sports will last 25 years and they will deliver the required illumination until the final day. Where a conventional metal halide light source will produce approximately 57% of the initial luminous flux within 2 years when they are used for approximately 4300 burning hours per year, LED will not show any degradation whatsoever,’ he continuous. ‘At the same time 30% of the metal halide sources have failed completely where users of LED luminaires will still be able to benefit from all LED luminaires.’ Van Dooren estimates that a LED luminaire shows less than 3% degradation within 10,000 hours.

Eric Thomas, the President of MontLouis Football club is very happy with the new illumination. ‘The quality of the light is fantastic and the glare is very low.’

Marco Almeida, head of all sports facilities in MontLouis-Sur-Loire, is happy too. Having been able to use the luminaires for over a year, he says the investment is money well-spent. ‘We received various quotes to replace the conventional lights we had in our stadium and prices ranged from EUR 51,000 for conventional luminaires to EUR 80,000 for full LED technology. The savings projected when we would move to LED technology, made us decide to go for AAA-LUX LED luminaires. We were told that the ROI would be achieved within 13 years but we have noticed that we consume 15% less energy in the first year already while the field is used more often. This makes it likely that the ROI will be achieved much faster.’ Almeida hails the flexibility of the AAA-LUX LED technology. ‘All luminaires are controlled wirelessly and strike instantly, where conventional luminaires had to warm-up at least 20 to 30 minutes prior to a game. The AAA-LUX LCMS system allows us to illuminate the full pitch, or just the half that is used for training sessions. It also us reducing the intensity to 25%, 50% or 75% depending on what the field is used for. All is done by simply pushing one button.’ Almeida sums up the ease of the AAA-LUX system in a very brief but clear sentence; ‘very easy to use!’



WS series

AAA-LUX luminaire - 01a

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