Bobcat machines in AAA-LUX spotlights

Bobcat machines in AAA-LUX spotlights

The fact that the sole propriety LCMS of AAA-LUX does not interfere with any other wireless communication convinced Bobcat to select LED luminaires from AAA-LUX. The new AAA-LUX LED lights at the Bobcat testing area in the Czech Republic were switched on this week.

Doosan Bobcat is primarily known for its loaders, excavators and telescopic handlers. Bobcat Engineering is located in Czech Republic and has its own testing area where each prototype is continuously tested for many functional hours and with a full load to ensure high endurance.

The Bobcat testing area is in use 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Data obtained during testing is wirelessly transmitted to the engineering department. Here, they can monitor the performance of their concepts in real-time.

During the autumn of 2014, Bobcat decided to illuminate the testing area to increase visibility and improve the safety of its employees. AAA-LUX partner, Abatec, presented three possible solutions of which the AAA-LUX LED system was selected.

The low-costs and short return of investment were important aspects of the offer. More importantly, knowing that the wireless communication between the AAA-LUX luminaires would not interfere with the wireless communication system of Bobcat, the company was convinced that the AAA-LUX solution would be beneficial in many ways.

AAA-LUX LED luminaires communicate with each other individually and spontaneously to relay and distribute information. This ensures that each luminaire is always connected to the communication grid which is used to relay relevant information about requested illumination levels. The luminaires use the AAA-LUX software LEDxLINK to communicate. This program uses a MESH-network to communicate.

The AAA-LUX LEDxLINK software is designed and updated in-house and it is also based on software that is used in the military and aircraft industry. It uses a proprietary base-layer protocol to which the unique AAA-LUX lighting control information features have been added.

LEDxLINK is completely safe and does not interfere with other wireless communications in its vicinity. It is transmitted in the 2.4 Ghz band, which is the safest band available. This band transmits information clearly and without interruption.

By using AAA-LUX LED luminaires, Bobcat Engineering can now continue safely testing its machines in a well-illuminated and safe environment.

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