LED for warehouses

AAA-LUX LED floodlights can also be used to illuminate large indoor areas such as warehouses. Thanks to the Lighting Control and Management System (LCMS), lights can be dimmed or switched-off in sections of the warehouse where illumination is less needed. This saves energy. Yet, should illumination be required, the LED lights will illuminate at the right level instantly. High color rendering and daylight color temperature of LED, makes it the ultimate light source for warehouse and hangar illumination.

AAA-LUX LED down lighters have the best result in light level and uniformity, at a minimum fixture height of 8 meters.

LED floodlights maintain the high level of illumination for a long period of time, which can go up to 60 000 illumination hours. Thanks to the smart LCMS AAA-LUX supplies, the illumination quality can be stretched over many production years. This will do away with the disruption of production activities when there is a need to replace a light.


151204-large area config

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