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LED for ports

Port activities require the best illumination possible without having too much of a negative impact on the available space. Ports operate 24/7 and ships are loaded and off-loaded at rapid speed. Employees working at the wharfs are under high pressure to deliver, while vehicles continuously move around.

AAA-LUX LED floodlights provide illumination which has quality and uniformity that gives a daylight impression. Research has shown that daylight is the most comfortable light for employees to work in. It prevents drowsiness and improves the eye-sight and also improves their response time. Workers working in daylight conditions record higher productivity and are less likely to be involved in accidents or incidents.

AAA-LUX has also proven it can provide quality illumination by installing floodlights at 45m of height. The higher the floodlight is installed; the fewer masts will be required to illuminate the area.

The average return on investment for AAA-LUX LED floodlights is under three years. The floodlights are maintenance free and consume less energy as they can be operated flexibly. When combined with the smart AAA-LUX Lighting Control Management System (LCMS), savings of up to 80% can easily be achieved.

AAA-LUX luminaires can be dimmed directly on the DC current through the LED. This reduces any technical interference and improves the picture quality of CCTV monitors.

AAA-LUX LED floodlights improve safety and increases productivity while allowing companies to utilize their space to the maximum!


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