LED illumination for cricket

When it comes to the quality of light that illuminates a cricket oval, the International Cricket Council is very strict. The cricket governing board does not accept anything than the best to illuminate a cricket oval.

Due to the size of a cricket oval, it is very difficult to produce sufficient illumination when using LED luminaires. A cricket oval is, by comparison, twice the size of an average football field. With luminaires fitted on posts far away from the actual activity, light has to travel far before it can illuminate the action.

As a specialist in producing LED luminaires to illuminate large areas and from great heights, depreciation of LED light produced by AAA-LUX luminaires is limited. This quality has been recognized by sports governing bodies around the globe. As a result, AAA-LUX was the first manufacturer of LED luminaires to be allowed to illuminate a professional football stadium. Our luminaires have now also become a household name for illuminating international hockey tournaments organized by the FIH.

AAA-LUX LED luminaires produces the required illumination exactly where it is needed and when it is needed. The luminaires can be dimmed whenever required, enabling cricket ovals to be illuminated sufficiently but at a fraction of the original energy consumption.

LED light produced by AAA-LUX is also perceived as day-light quality and improves contrast and visibility. Players, officials and spectators will have a better game experience as they all will see better what is happening and, where necessary, can anticipate much faster and accurate.



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