Another milestone; 350th project

The acceptance of AAA-LUX is gaining momentum. Less than two years after the 100th project was celebrated, AAA-LUX can now proudly announce that it recently delivered its 350th project.

AAA-LUX has delivered many projects over recent years and it was the first to break the barrier. Installations of the LED floodlights for the 2013 European Hockey Championship venue and the stadium of VV Hoogstraten opened up the acceptance of LED floodlights in sports.

LED floodlights installed at the Rietlanden Coal Terminal were also a world’ first as AAA-LUX managed to achieve good quality illumination from 45 meters of height.

Since the start of this year, installations in the Port of Willemstad, at the University of Queensland and in Switzerland prove that AAA-LUX is increasingly receiving international recognition.

Only a few weeks ago, AAA-LUX was able to announce it has now expanded its dealership network. AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights have been installed in over 20 countries around the globe. This is only a start and we are confident that we will soon announce another milestone.

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