AAA-LUX to soon put Airbus A380 in the spotlight

Schiphol airport is making rapid progress with its new parking spots for planes that remain at the airport overnight. The new parking area can handle all types of aircrafts, including the Airbus A380s of the various airlines that fly to and from the airport. AAA-LUX has been selected to illuminate the parking area. The high-power LED illumination should ensure that the planes will be well-lit at night, despite their size.

Schiphol Airport is a major hub for Europe. Close to 320 airlines fly to and from the airport on a regular basis. Many of these airlines fly the Airbus A380, the largest passenger planes in the world.

To accommodate planes that stay at Schiphol airport overnight, the airport is now busy expanding its holding area. AAA-LUX partner Rofianda has been tasked with illuminating the area and AAA-LUX luminaires will be used for the actual illumination.

AAA-LUX LED floodlights have the advantage that the luminaires can be dimmed without affecting the quality and uniformity of the illumination but still saving the airport on their energy bill. The new AAA-LUX luminaires can also be integrated into the existing Lighting Control Management System (LCMS) that Schiphol airport already has, following the installation of AAA-LUX LED luminaires last year.

The installation for the parking area was approved following the success of AAA-LUX floodlights in illuminating several aprons.

Peter Okkinga, the technical advisor to the airport, explained in 2014 why LED has many advantages for the airport. This includes increased security, productivity and energy reduction. Read what Okkinga had to say, here.


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