AAA-LUX: making the benchmark become the standard!


  • AAA-LUX sets the standards as they identify a niche in the market and start to design and develop high-power LED solutions



  •  AAA-LUX luminaire - 01AAA-LUX retrofit LED luminaires illuminate a sports field






  • VV Gestel - 04AAA-LUX introduces retrofit luminaires as a one-on-one replacement for conventional 2.2 kW luminaires
  • Wireless solution introduced to control AAA-LUX luminaires for sports
  • AAA-LUX LED sets the standards as our luminaires achieve international standards to illuminate a tennis court and a hockey field



  • AAA-LUX sets the standards as Kiwa ISA-Sport approves AAA-LUX floodlights for illuminating sports fields


2012Schiphol - 05

  • Introduction of a multi-directional LED flood- light (360 degrees) that uses only one luminaire
  • Wireless remote management introduced to illuminate large and industrial areas
  • Installs remote control system for a project in Malta that can be managed from the Netherlands



  • AAA-LUX 2013 - WC hockey - 01Celebration to mark the 100th project
  • AAA-LUX sets the standards as they illuminate the 2013 European Hockey Championship
  • Installation at the stadium of the Belgium Football League Club Hoogstraten
  • Milestone of 200 LED floodlight projects achieved



  • rietlanden - 01Accepted by Dutch government run agency to illuminate a railway marshalling yard in the Port of Rotterdam
  • AAA-LUX sets the standards as they achieve sufficient lighting from 45m height at the Rietlanden Terminal in the Port of Amsterdam





  • melbourne university - 02Tennis complex at Qeensland University in Australia becomes the biggest tennis park in the world to be illuminated by LED. AAA-LUX partner Jasstech illuminates 16 tennis courts.
  • AAA-LUX signs partnership with LEDsEnable, enabling clubs to lease AAA-LUX LED luminaires
  • AZ Alkmaar selects AAA-LUX to illuminate the fields at its new youth academy
  • World Hockey League tournament the first tournament illuminated by a AAA-LUX LED luminaire specifically designed for illuminating a stadium environment.





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