AAA-LUX: setting the standard

AAA-LUX believes that new technologies are about to change the use and perception of illumination forever. Therefore, AAA-LUX combines these new technologies and components to design, develop and supply high-power LED floodlights and flexible lighting control management systems that provide end-users with the illumination flexibility and quality they require.

AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights and wireless lighting control management systems (LCMS) allow end-users to decide when, where and how much illumination is required. All essential components for the floodlights, luminaires and LCMS are produced in-house and the software is updated continuously. This enables AAA-LUX to maintain full control over the quality of its illumination solutions and to always be able to provide the latest configuration required.

Thanks to AAA-LUX illumination solutions, the safety and security of assets is assured, productivity of employees is improved and the game-experience of both athletes and spectators is taken to another level.

The floodlights and lighting control management system are compatible with any existing infrastructure, which enables easy integration or retrofit to existing floodlights. The AAA-LUX LED floodlights have been designed with the installation requirements of conventional floodlights in mind. This will do away with the need for additional investment in masts or cables when AAA-LUX LED luminaires are selected to replace existing lighting.

Owners and operators of large areas have full control over the flexible system, which enables them to dim illumination levels without making a concession to uniformity and quality. This flexible use also contributes to improving relationships with stakeholders (e.g. neighbours, flora and fauna) as energy consumption and light pollution is reduced.

At the AAA-LUX head office and research centres in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, engineers and consultants continuously develop new LED floodlight solutions. Eindhoven is considered internationally as being ‘the cradle of modern illumination’ and is home to many high-tech companies. The symbiosis with which the regional lighting industry cooperates enables AAA-LUX to continuously draw from vast knowledge and a large talent pool when developing new LED high-power illumination solutions.

Since 1891, the industry in Eindhoven has been showing the world that there is light at the end of the tunnel. With the introduction of new smart LED lighting solutions by AAA-LUX since 2005, AAA-LUX is taking the industry to the next level by setting new LED benchmarks and making them become the standard!

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