AAA-LUX Congratulates SPAL 1907

AAA-LUX Congratulates SPAL 1907

SPAL 1907 took the spotlight in the Italian 3rd Division this weekend when they secured their promotion to the 2nd Division. The one-all draw against US Arezzo was enough to seal the championship.

The championship is the direct result of the investment SPAL 1907 and the municipality of Ferrara made in 2014. As part of an ambitious plan to get back to the top of Italian football, both the club and the municipality made several investments in the team, as well as the infrastructure.

Replacement of the floodlights at the Paolo Mazza stadium in Ferrara was one of the improvements. The old luminaires were replaced by high-quality AAA-LUX LED luminaires. “The Paolo Mazza stadium became the first stadium worldwide that received LED luminaires that were specifically designed for stadiums,” says AAA-LUX Marketing and Sales manager, Michel van Dooren.

“The AAA-LUX WS-STAD LED luminaire is specifically designed to answer the need for high-quality, uniform illumination that is required for HD TV registration, as is being used in Italy. The change to LED luminaires saved stadium management a significant amount on energy cost as LED luminaires consume up to 70% less energy.” While this predominantly benefited stadium management, investment in LED luminaires also benefited the club itself. “AAA-LUX LED luminaires provide illumination that has a color-temperature that matches daylight quality. Regardless of what time their practice session or kick-off time would be for an evening game, the players always felt as if they were playing an afternoon game.”

The investment clearly paid off. “We were very inspired by the ambitious targets the club had set as well as their understanding of what this would take in both investing in players as well as equipment. The promotion of SPAL 1907 to the Italian 2nd Division is the result of a carefully planned and executed campaign. AAA-LUX congratulates them with achieving their first milestone. I have no doubt that the club will push hard next session to become champions again. They know that they will always have home-ground advantage, no matter what time of the day the match will be played.”

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